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love is the best...

I live in a shitty apartment. No joke – it’s way out in the suburbs, you have to pay for parking, the air conditioning sounds like a cat and raccoon are making love, and there’s only space for a coffee table or a dining table, not both. Whenever I open the door to enter or […]

Want Rich Kids? Homeschool ‘Em.

Whenever I think of homeschooling, I think of Napoleon Dynamite. And he wasn’t even homeschooled. Also, you can waste hours looking at homeschooled harold memes. What I’m trying to say is this: I was homeschooled, and I’m beginning to think it caused all my problems. What problems, you ask? Here’s a few: – I’m always […]

bring on a cheap wedding!

Cheap wedding

I seem to be of a certain age and relationship status (did that term even exist before Facebook?) where I am constantly being asked if / when I’m getting married. Take me to any social gathering, wedding, picnic, party, or family dinner, and the question always comes up: “what about you? When are you and […]