mind blown: millionaires are depressing

I haven’t been blogging so much lately.

A couple reasons – Quora, last minute summer-is-almost-over hiking, my co-worker’s obsession with giant rabbits, and also, this.



But seriously, Quora is insane. It’s liking having the deepest, funniest, most intellectual conversation of your life with a million new friends – all of whom are incredibly well-spoken. And the kicker? You can be in your pajamas!

Here is my absolute favorite Quora thread, and so applicable to this blog: What is it like to be wealthy?

Check out these snippets:


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The comparison of money to water just blows my mind. We can conceive of how lucky we are to have water on-demand, without limit, but we can’t really imagine the feeling of not having it. Is that really how it feels to be wealthy? To stop worrying? Fascinating!

That’s what I love about Quora: the answers are so authentic.

Read Quote of Anonymous’ answer to What does it feel like to be financially rich? on Quora Know any other good threads on Quora? Seriously, guys, it’s only Wednesday…I’ve got some work hours to kill here :)  

WARNING: giant rabbits are not a frugal pet...
WARNING: giant rabbits are not a frugal pet…


What’s $100, has 1 zipper, and is a total waste of money?

somebody was too cheap to buy his gown...
somebody was too cheap to buy his gown…

I graduated in a borrowed gown.

It was slightly too long, slightly too big, and slightly too blue (what kind of black graduation gown has a blueish tint?)

But it was free. I asked my co-worker if I could borrow hers since her school’s graduation was two weeks before mine. I even got it dry-cleaned after for a measly $8.

Everyone told me to just suck it up, and pay the $100 for my school’s official gown, the cap, and the tassel.

“You only graduate once,” my roommate told me (clearly, she didn’t think it humanly possible I would make it through grad school).

“I’m going to keep mine forever,” said a friend (and future hoarder.

“It helps support the school,” said another friend, because the $25,000 I’d already given wasn’t quite enough.

“We’ll pay for it,” my parents said, their go-to answer.

(Note to self: I really should have gone into the graduation gown business…)

Everytime that I’ve been told I should do something I don’t want because it’s the “normal” way, I’ll regret something if I don’t do it, I should splurge because “it only happens once”, they’ve been wrong.

I just spent 4 years hauling ass to get a degree, why would I give a crap what I was wearing on my graduation day?

Finding my first job, that was something I gave a crap about. Paying off my student loans? Check! Getting my photo taken with my grandma on my graduation day? That was pretty special. Am I wearing my gown in that photo? Nope. It was so hot out we all took off our gowns immediately after the ceremony.

Do I regret that I didn’t shell out $100 for the graduation gown? Definitely not. In fact, most of my friends later said they gave their graduation gowns to goodwill or they wish they had copied me and just borrowed one.

Four years ago, we thought graduation was the biggest freaking event EVER. The most important of our lives. Turns out, it’s not. You buy houses, get jobs and quit jobs, struggle to stay in touch with your college friends.

You want to know the thing that made me the proudest on my graduation day? That unlike 99.9% of the girls in my graduating class, I didn’t wear stripper heels.

Even an expensive graduation gown can’t hide heels that were meant for a different kind of stage…



saturday splurge: my $5k hotel bill

For those of you who are new to this, Saturday Splurge is a chance for us very frugal readers to revel in some ridiculous, over-priced, probably name-brand purchases. Send in your worst and craziest! 

Jessie, 34 years old, Sandusky, OH

The best night of my life...and I'm still paying it off!
The best night of my life…and I’m still paying it off!

(Note from Emma: this is a good one, so hopefully it makes up for my absence last week!)

Supposedly, a lot of women grow up dreaming of their wedding. The dress, the flowers, the ring, etc.

Not me.

I grew up dreaming of travel. I mean, I’m from Sandusky, people, what do you expect? As a kid, I had a binder full of photos I had ripped out of National Geographic – all the places I was going to go.

Well, fast forward 20 years later, and I’ve been to a measly 2: New York City and the Grand Canyon.

What happened? Life. And a job. And student loans. The same story we’ve all heard before.

So, when my boyfriend and I decided to get married, I said that I didn’t want a $20k wedding, I wanted a $20k honeymoon!

My idea was to take a month off work, and do see and do everything we possibly could.

One little issue – my fiance.

Not only had he traveled more than me, he has a very large family and really wanted a big wedding.

So, we came to an agreement. We would have a $10,000 wedding, and a $10,000 honeymoon.

Idiots that we are, we thought we were being frugal!

The honeymoon was freaking fantastic. It’s been four years, and I still get all glowy and moony thinking about it. Not only did I get to experience four (4!!!) countries, I got to fulfill a childhood dream: to stay in those beach cabanas that are on stilts.

Um…didn’t realize they cost $1k a night…(note to self: teach kids to have more frugal childhood dreams).

We stayed for 5 nights at the Hilton in Bora Bora, and it was totally unreal. So romantic, so beautiful, so peaceful.

I want to say it was worth every penny, but honestly, it probably wasn’t. Now that I’m a more seasoned (and more frugal) traveler, I know that it doesn’t take 1 grand a night to have a good vacation.

Whenever my husband and I look at the photos, he says, “$1000 a night in Bora Bora, and all I got was one lousy kid…”

ha. ha. ha.


When my daughter asks where babies come from, I'm going to show her this picture.
When my daughter asks where babies come from, I’m going to show her this picture.

the wrong time to be frugal

don't get me started on the price of organic vegetables...
don’t get me started on the price of organic vegetables…

There are very few things I wish I had spent more money on.

Certainly not eating out. Or furniture. Not Xmas gifts, or the fact that I didn’t pay for my graduation gown.

But there is one thing…one line item that could have used a couple more george washingtons…one little teensy part of my life that time and again, got passed over in the name of “saving money,” and subsequently went to hell in a handbasket:

my health.

For years, my priorities have always been skewed in favor of money. Money over friendships. Money over relationships. Money over health. Money over myself.

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