5 Steps to the Perfect Money Nag Face

1. Spend time with your partner shopping (for best results, be in a store. It can also work while online shopping together). Wait until they pick up something that they either A. Don’t need B. Is very expensive, or C. Really really want. 2. Gently place your hands on your hips, or cross your arms. […]

Two Years…in Numbers


Years: 2 Days: 730 Monthly “fun” money budget: $200/each Most expensive dinner: $140 (ahhhhhhhhh – I’m still recovering from this) Miles run together: 51 (don’t even ask about the average pace…) Jokes about A’s car: 189 (wait, hang on a sec…) 190! Chickens adopted: 5 Money spent on vacations: $3,400 (New Orleans, Vegas, and Grand […]

Screw New Year’s Resolutions. You Need Accountability.


So, here I am, on Christmas Eve, at my grandmother’s house in Munich, two weeks into a four week no-sugar, no-dairy, no-carbs pact. On the dining room table is the culmination of everything I can’t eat. Imagine snickerdoodle cheesecake covered in chocolate drizzles. Pfeffernusse dusted with powdered sugar. Thick slabs of hearty Bavarian bread and […]

Are You the Worst?


For two years, every Monday night, I’ve been taking this bootcamp class. The instructor, we’ll call him Rambo, is like a greek god crossed with Fabio. I’m the worst one in the class. For two years, I’ve been the last person to finish suicides, the only one doing girly pushups, a red sweaty mess struggling […]