Stop drinking = save money?


This weekend, as you’re hanging out by the lake with your hot dogs and your beer, watching the fireworks explode overhead, do me one favor:

Have a beer for me.

For the next month, Andrew and I are going to stop drinking. Which means I’m going to spend the 4th of July sober as a duck.

This is all Mint’s fault.

I put together a lovely overview of our June spending for Andrew, and then saw this:


I’ll spare you the gory details and give you the short version:

This month, we spent more on alcohol than we spent on rent.

And since we have some big purchases coming up soon (foreshadowing…), we need to trim our expenses more than ever.

It’s not just the money, because we’re not allowing ourselves to drink alcohol at home either.

This isn’t the first time we’ve made a drastic change just to challenge ourselves, but challenging ourselves to stop drinking feels extra scary: it’s the middle of July and we’ve got weddings, BBQs, picnics, beach days, happy hours and parties coming out the wazoo.

So, stay safe this weekend…and I’ll stay sober :)


thanks to didriks for the awesome photo

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  • I will have a Beer or 2 for you and A…. However, I won’t spend a dime on it.. I could not purchase any alcohol for a couple of months and still have a supply at home.. (Maybe I don’t drink much)… I certainly have never spent anywhere close to what I spend on rent on alcohol…. so you have me beat there…

    Not to fuel your urge to drink.. as I can respect taking a whole month off from drinking.. I’ve been using the Ibotta app and they have great coupons on booze… Mostly beers… and you combine them with sales which I can do nicely since I have a couple of month stock pile so I have no need to buy it unless it is on sale.. I have been buying 12pks for $4-5 and 6 packs for $2.50 to 3.50 after I got the coupon money back.. And it’s decent beer.. Heineken, Shock Top, Widmer HEFE, Redds, Mike’s hard lemonade, New Castle, Blue Moon, Strongbow… check it out when you want to indulge in August.. :)

  • I love it! I was honestly thinking the same thing. We spend way too much on alcohol. The only excuse I can make is that working 40-50 hours a week creates a ton of stress and having a beer or two at night is a nice way to relax. Not to mention the summer is in full effect, which means patios, summer ales, and sun. Good for you though – you’ve inspired me. Keep us posted on the progress 😀