Goodbye, iPhone. Hello, Republic Wireless

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I got my first iPhone in 2007, the first christmas that it was released.

I was the only person that I knew who had one, and everywhere I went, people wanted to play with it. What impressed me the most about the iPhone? Wait for it…the weather. Seriously, I was so mind-blown that I no longer had to check every morning, but instead could check the daily weather while still cozy in bed. (I feel like people in Florida or California don’t understand the significance of this…but in the rainy pacific northwest, knowing the weather is vital).

Almost 8 years later, and it’s hard to wrap my mind around a life without an iPhone. Except for a couple camping trips here and there, I haven’t spent a single day without it. Europe, Asia, Canada – it’s traveled the world with me. I use my iPhone for my calendar, my banking, tracking my food, as a pedometer, to take pictures, to read, for budgeting, to watch TV, to track my workouts, as my bus ticket, to manage my blog, for my guided meditation, to track my wine collection (don’t laugh), listen to music, play games, check email, text…oh, and of course, make phone calls.

On an average day, I probably spend more time holding my phone than not.

It’s a good old modern day love story, right?

But with every love story, there’s a dark side…(foreshadowing)…

My iPhone went from being this magical, super-dooper-luxurious item, to being vital to my wellbeing. Now, I don’t just need an iPhone, I need the newest one. And it has to be big enough for all my data. And able to take an international SIM card. Add in the case, the screen covers, and the specialized chargers. Oh wait, don’t forget about my monthly icloud payment. Throw in a few cracked screens and fancy bluetooth devices, and I probably pay more on phone costs than I do on car repairs.

To make matters worse, A’s phone service is so bad in our condo that he has to stand in a particular spot of the living room in order to make a phone call.

And we haven’t even gotten to the phone bill yet!

So, when Republic Wireless reached out to me to try their Moto X phone, and their service, I thought: “sure, you can have my iphone, when you pry it out of my COLD DEAD FINGERS.”

But then I remembered the question I always present to people: Do you own it, or does it own you?

Here I was, a total hypocrite, paying out the wazoo but still afraid to even try a non-iphone phone for ONE DAY!

A and I have both agreed that in 2015, we will combine our cell plans, and reduce the bill. But when the moment arrived, we had so many hesitations: I just hate when calls drop, A said. What if I get frustrated without the iphone functionality, I worried. At some point or another, I heard us both say: it just seems too good to be true. We looked over dozens of RW reviews, by J-money, by Mr. MM, and by Cash Cow Couple. We read over their FAQ, and plan options. But still, we hesitated. What if switching to a new phone type, and to a new service model, made us uncomfortable? 

All of the sudden, the answer was right in front of me: WE WERE FULL OF SHIT.

We were staring innovation in the face and saying, “we feel scared.”

So we switched and here’s why:



Conventional cell phone companies are the worst, that is just a given.

We are paying WAY too much for our cell phones, more than we spend on all our other utilities, combined!

Bloggers and thought leaders that we respect are all saying: check this company out.

Both of their most popular phones have the same functionality of our iphones.

We realized that we’ll both save a TON on their new refund plan.

AND, after a few weeks of testing out their service and call quality in every imaginable scenario, we realized it’s equal and sometimes better to our iPhones.

Our old bill $140-$180 a month. Our new bill? $80 – for two smartphones!

The best part? A no longer has to stand in his call-spot in the middle of the living room. He is now free to roam all 500+ square feet of our home :)

PS: I am not being paid to review Republic Wireless, but I was given a chance to try their phone and service.

thanks to simon for the awesome pic

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  • That’s a good amount of savings! Do you have a photo of their phone to share? What specific functions are the same and which are different from the iPhone? How is the camera on their phone? That’s the probably one of the things I would worry most about losing: camera quality.
    Marlynn @UrbanBlissLife recently posted…Independence from HungerMy Profile

  • I love RW.!!!! I now have a company paid Iphone… so I dropped my RW account and just use my work phone for everything..

    I have a Google voice account that I transferred my RW number to so I use that for personal matters and have it forwarded to my work phone to keep a separation.

    cheers to RW!!!

  • and yes, republic rocks – so cheap. My wife runs the Moto E, daughter 1 and 3 the Moto X, daughter 2 the Moto G. My wifes bill is $20 a month (we went with the 3g data, not the 4g, mostly because she so seldom uses the phone….) All three options are excellent phones. The Moto X is fully functional – as much as any cell phone. The E is basic, but still works great for facebook and gmail. The G is probably the sweet spot for functionality and price

  • Ahh! I love the idea of reducing my phone bill (it brings me to tears sometimes), but I would have too hard of a time leaving my iPhone. In fact, I tried to leave it behind…twice. Once in 2009 and another last year. The other devices work fine for a while, but in the end I love the simple, intuitive nature of the beast. Maybe it’s been the phones’ fault though, and you’ll have to update us in a few months on how it’s going!!
    Warren recently posted…Attune Chocolates: Review + GiveawayMy Profile

  • We’ve been discussing our coverage and phone bill recently, and I appreciate the solid information and clarity you’ve brought to the discussion. I also need to reevaluate my relationship with my phone: mine went down for about an hour last week while I was on vacation, and I found myself starting to panic at the idea that I might be without it for a couple of days. When did I become so reliant?
    Renée ♥ The Good Hearted Woman recently posted…A Needle, Thread & Hope for Haiti {Macy’s Heart of Haiti}My Profile

  • My wife and I are also looking at different plans to possibly upgrade and save money on our monthly service. At this point we have not found a plan that would save us money. We have checked with Verizon, Sprint and T-Moblie but so far they could not come close to what we pay At&t for four phones. I will have to take the time to check out RW but like you I too like my old Iphone 4.

  • We also ditched Verizon, then T-Mobile, for Google’s Project Fi. It’s about $40 per month per phone with data 2gb and $10 per gb after that. They refund whatever amount you don’t use each month. Some months my bill is around $38 or even less. They only support maybe 3 phones at this point, but hopefully soon will have more! It’s no longer in beta testing, either, it’s now available permanently. (We still have Verizon Fios for tv/internet/landline, fyi, but thinking of cutting the cord if possible at the end of this contract.)